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Want to know more? If you have questions about your birth order and want to know how compatible you are with a particular guy or gal, email us using the contact link above. Be sure to let us know how many siblings you each have, the approximate age gap separating you from each one, and your ages. If you experienced the loss of a parent or sibling before age 17, also include that info. We'll tell you what celebrity you're most compatible with and what career is best for you! For more info visit our site

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Mate Smart: Birth Order Compatibility Why did Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey break up?
How could J-Lo and Ben Affleck not work out?
What's the real reason Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise divorced?
jessica simpson + nick lachey Best-selling author William Cane begins MATE SMART with a PowerPoint lecture explaining why celebrity couples like Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Ben Affleck and J-Lo, Paris Hilton and Nick Carter, and Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were destined for conflict because of incompatible birth order. Then discover the secret to dating compatibility and career success based on your unique sibling configuration. As part of the show, Christian gives attendees their very own personalized compatibility analysis and career advice. Nominated 2001 NACA Speaker of the Year, Cane will entertain and inform your audience with the most useful program they've ever seen. (Photo: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. )

What's your birth order? Are you a firstborn, middle, or lastborn? An only child, or a twin? The number and gender of siblings you grew up with helps form your personality and, along with other factors, such as gender, social class, and education, helps make you unique. According to Frank Sulloway, the most important factor and the one that can tell you more about yourself than any other, is birth order. Visit our new site on birth order compatibility to find out who to kiss. You'll discover your best match, your worst match, and who you should be kissing. All of this only at

The Older brother of brothers The older brother of brothers, for example, is often dominant, organized, and masculine. Examples of men who are older brothers of brothers include Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, and John Wayne. They all project a strong rather macho image. If you're the older brother of brothers you may share these traits. If, however, you had significant conflict with one or both parents, you might be more like a laterborn, what Sulloway calls "honorary laterborns." (Born to Rebel, p. 123).

The older sister of sisters You have the same birth order as Jessica Simpson, Nicole Kidman, and Brigitte Bardot. You are a take-charge gal. You like everything to be in its place. Your best romantic match is an only child or a lastborn boy. You'd also get along with a middle boy who had one or more older sisters. The most difficult match for you would be the older brother of brothers because you'd both fight over leadership issues.

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