The French Kiss

William Cane's The Art of Kissing

The French Kiss

French kissing involves tongue contact, and there's really no right or wrong way to do it. But there certainly are plenty of preferences! You'll find out exactly what boys want from a girl and what girls want from a boy on our video, which contains more than forty minutes of instruction on how to French kiss. You can view it online right here:

The above video is the "How to French Kiss" part of our legendary kissing DVD, based on my international bestseller The Art of Kissing, and the following video is the "How to Kiss" part of the DVD, which shows you how to do all the romantic kisses in the book. But, folks, as a writer, I appeal to you. Don't just watch these videos. Yes, I produced and directed them myself, and I think they're fun and helpful. But do yourself a favor and also get the book. Reading is so important, and in addition if you buy a new copy of the book, The Art of Kissing, (which I hope you do) I'll get a small royalty, which I really need to do future kissing research.

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The problem with many films, such as Try Seventeen (also known as All I Want) 2002), starring Mandy Moore and Elijah Wood, is that their French kisses really only show you the exterior of the mouth. How can you tell what's going on inside? No way to do it! This is a fine French kiss, but what are they actually doing with their tongues? You've got to look at movies like Cry Baby (1990) or Two Girls and a Guy (1997) to see the tongues in action. For example in Cry Baby, Johnny Depp can actually be seen sucking the tongue of Amy Locane, and in Two Girls and a Guy, Robert Downey Jr. can actually be seen flicking tongues with Heather Graham. And yet even in these films the French kisses are unnatural, filmed in an exterior manner (that is, with the tongues outside the mouth), so that the audience can see what the tongues are doing.

The only movie that really shows a French kiss is The Art of Kissing (2001) because it takes you right inside the mouth. Yes, the camera goes inside a mouth so that you can see a perfectly natural French kiss from the inside. In fact, when you see it you'll be right in there too, along with both tongues, and you'll see everything the tongues can do in a 100 percent natural French kiss, the kind of kiss that you yourself will be likely to do. Sure, you can do a French kiss like Johnny Depp in Cry Baby or Robert Downey Jr. in Two Girls and a Guy, but how often are you going to be doing your French kisses with your tongue and your partner's tongue completely outside your mouths? Not too likely. (Photo copyright Millennium Films.)

How to French kiss

William Cane's video teaches you all you need to know about the most exciting kiss there is. Says Boston Magazine, it "graphically demonstrates the many ways to smooch." Says the Boston Globe, this "PG-rated video" was made by a true "kissing scholar."

Some techniques you'll learn on the video:
1. Flicker the tips of your tongues.
2. Rotate tongues in circular motions.
3. Play chase back & forth.
4. Suck your partner's tongue.
5. Gently bite their tongue.

The video teaches French kissing based on responses from more than one hundred thousand people in twenty-three countries and across the United States. You'll see real teens kissing and then they'll talk to you right from the screen, telling you what they wish their partner would do so that YOU know exactly how YOU should move your tongue.

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Here's a typical action you'll see in French kissing. The first drawing shows the boy's tongue pushing deep into the mouth of his partner. Notice the girl's tongue bending and moving under his. The second drawing shows the girl's tongue becoming more active and playing chase, following the boy's tongue back into his mouth. But even these incredible diagrams don't tell the whole story! For that, you need to try it yourself.

Our How to French Kiss DVD used to be the best way to learn how to French kiss but we just put the entire program on YouTube together with the How to Kiss video and extras and outtakes, so now the best way to learn to French kiss is from the video. The video is entitled The Art of Kissing and it contains more than forty minutes of instruction on how to French kiss and teaches you like the book never could - by showing you. The entire video is now available online (see above on this Web page).

The video teaches you how to French kiss in a number of different sections. The first section is a short introduction to the French kiss contained in the HOW TO KISS part of the video. The next section of the video that teaches you to French kiss is entitled HOW TO FRENCH KISS and is more than forty minutes long. It contains everything you need to know. You receive all these benefits:

1. Wake up the lover in you
2. Boost kissing confidence
3. Learn to French kiss in the privacy of your own home - simply by watching!
4. Imagine being able to get someone to give you a series of kissing lessons for the low price of this tape ... An exceptional value!

What can go wrong during a French kiss?

There's a whole section on what can go wrong, including help with proper breathing technique and advice on how to deal with a partner whose tongue is too aggressive. We also help you avoid triggering the gag reflex when French kissing, an important skill.

Here's the secret

After getting bombarded with kissing questions about the French kiss for ten years - questions like "What do I do with my tongue?" and "How do you start a French kiss?" we finally decided to put all the answers into one exciting video. Based on William Cane's international bestseller The Art of Kissing, this instructional video (available above) will teach you the secret of how to French kiss like the sexiest person in the world!

As seen on TV, the video familiarizes you with exactly what guys and girls like when Frenching.

You'll learn to French kiss just by watching this PG-rated video. After seeing it, you'll be able to make boys weak in the knees, like Britney Spears. (Boys will learn to kiss so passionately that girls will think they're kissing Tom Cruise.) We used to ship it in plain box--no identifying words appeared on it. It was so discreet, we didn't even put the word "kissing" anywhere on the outside of the box. But you don't have to order a copy anymore; today you can watch it free on the YouTube video above! You'll be kissing so passionately your partners will be breathless with excitement. They'll say, "How did you learn to kiss like that!"

Read the book

Before you go on another date, find out what the opposite sex really wants when French kissing. Get the book now. You'll be glad you did. Think of what you have to look forward to!

One final comment. As a writer, I urge you to not just watch the video but to buy The Art of Kissing book. A book can teach you things that a video cannot, and reading is very important. So please get the book, and if you can afford it, buy a new copy so that I will receive a small royalty, which I will use to continue my research into kissing for future books and projects.