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Welcome to the official presence of William Cane on the Internet. This is The Art of Kissing blog and will contain news and kissing advice and a preview of my next kissing book. The Art of Kissing blog will allow you, the reader, to learn the latest and most sophisticated kissing techniques and also will allow you to contribute your own ideas and kissing wisdom, sharing it with the world and with your friends and lovers everywhere. So let's get started and have some fun.

kissing the shoulder

Kissing Shoulders

Of course your first kiss is going to be on the lips, but after that you can move wherever you like. Let's say the girl is standing in a doorway and she's wearing a shirt with ruffled shoulders, like the girl in this illustration. Luckily her shoulders are exposed, giving you the perfect opportunity to move to the shoulder after kissing the lips. The question of how to kiss the shoulders cannot be left unanswered, especially when the lips have already been touched upon. Ever so lightly at first you'll glide around the top of the shoulder and then by going in a little circular pattern you'll kiss in a way that will suggest how you'll kiss her lips in another few moments. Once you've established that kissing pattern in her flesh you can move back to the lips. She'll actually be yearning for that circular pattern that you've set up, and anticipating it she'll think you're such a flirt if you can do the same pattern on her mouth. In this way you have accomplished two goals for the afternoon, and you can move out of the doorway with her: you've kissed her shoulder and you've taught her to expect certain patterns from your kisses. We'll explore how to kiss the shoulder if it's covered by a blouse in a later post.
By William Cane | September 23, 2017